Juan Diaz

Juan Diaz


Position: CEO

Qualification: Mold Maker, entrepreneur

Phone: 1-888-539-5158

Email: juan.diaz@d6937844.gb1523.greybeardhosting.net

About Me

Juan Diaz began his journey to success in his native country of Argentina.
There he learned the skills of being a machinist and eventually a mold-maker.

He always believed in independence and self-reliance and felt that the United States was a perfect place to continue his quest to become an entrepreneur.After immigrating to the United States in 1963, he built his resume in the Southern California region by expanding his skills with companies such as KRK, Mattel, Bechtel and other industrial plants.  Soon he was able to begin buying his own machines and started his own business M.D. Mold founded in 1972 and continued to 1989 with the founding of Clear-Ad.

During that time, Mr. Diaz was successful building tools for the defense industry for companies such as ITT Cannon, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and other companies.  It was during this period that he realized he could expand his own company by developing and building its own proprietary product line.

It was suggested to Mr. Diaz that by developing a line of Brochure Holders it could help him realize his dream of success and independence.  After studying the potential, Mr. Diaz began to build one Brochure Holder mold at a time and in 1989, he founded Clear-Ad.  He began molding and selling his molded products under Clear-Ad and in 1994 Clear-Ad became California Corporation.

Mr. Diaz understood that in addition to his molded product line he needed a fabrication department to be able to meet his customer needs and to be able to integrate the molded items and fabricated items.  He integrated a silk screen department to meet his customer demands, all under one roof and one operation without the need to outsource.

Since its inception Clear-Ad, Inc. has been staffed by a team of professionals in Administration, Fabrication and Sale and Marketing, which have a combined history of over 80 years in the industry.

Clear-Ad, Inc. now prides itself in having grown to 6 distinct divisions all of which cater to the Brochure Holder, Literature and POP Display needs of our many customers.